VM programmed with TCP packet timing - nvm (rev) from justCTF 2023

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This post is a writeup for a challenge I was working on during justCTF 2023. I didn’t solve it during the competition, unfortunately. But I decided to take a look at it afterwards, as it seemed interesting! (and I also needed some rev challenge for a class in the university :D) Description Some time ago I hosted a service that allowed me to do calculations on my computer. One day I noticed someone was executing the same code over and over again. Read more...

Exceptional Laravel and IPv6 bypass - Linux Examples (web) from m0leCon Teaser 2023

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The m0leCon CTF Teaser took place this weekend. We played only very lightly, as most of the team was busy organizing the HackTM CTF 2023 Finals in Timișoara. I solved this challenge only, while taking a break from exam preparation :P Description I wrote a simple website with some linux command examples, I hope you’ll like it! Author: @Giotino Files: linux-examples.zip Solves: 14 Points: 222 Approach When first looking at a web challenge, I like to first explore its functionality without looking at the source code. Read more...

Czech Cybersecurity Competition Quals Writeup

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Kybersoutěž AKA Czech Cybersecurity Competition is a "CTF" for high school/university students in the Czech Republic. It consists of two rounds and finals. The first round is a survey covering basic CS terms and definitions. The second round, which is covered in the blog post, is more CTF-like. Both take place online. After them, if you qualify, you go to the final, which is an on-site one-day CTF. Individual phase in the morning followed by a team phase in the afternoon. Read more...