Cool blogs to check out

Greenscreener -

Greenscreener is my dear friend, classmate, and enthusiast in CS and science in general. Over the years, we’ve worked together on countless projects and cracked countless problems. He improvises, adapts, overcomes faster than you blink and has an incredibly broad range of things he’s good at. How do algorithms and light shows go together? Go check him out to see for yourself.

Vojta -

Vojta, one of the founding fathers of Pátek, is someone who could be explaining the most complex subject in the world and people would still listen and understand. He likes to contribute to opensource, loves community and openness and is a keen NixOS user. When he deep dives into some weird network behaviour or corner of the Linux kernel, and you are lucky enough to be nearby, you can be sure to learn so much.

My RSS feed list

You can find many other interesting blogs/YouTube channels/whatever I enjoy in this opml file, exported from my RSS reader (currently there are ~250 feeds, I may update it here from time to time). Feel free to use it as a whole or cherrypick according to your taste :)

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