I'm Sijisu

Hi there!

About me

  • Student living in the Czech republic

  • Mainly doing web development

  • Proud linux user and enthusiast (openSUSE )

  • Making scripts and hacks for all kinds of things

  • Doing stuff with electronics (Arduino, ESP)

  • Sometimes taking a photo or two

What I do and did

Czech PressReader reseller website


one-page presentation of PressReader official reseller in Czech Republic

Old postcards online


explore old postcards online, upload your own, including map view, search...

Choir Bojan webpage


official page of choir Bojan, latest posts and events, powered by WordPress

Czech diacritics tool


this page adds or removes Czech diacritics. Why? Well, just for fun

Monitoring of our's school server


monitoring availability of gbl's baka server

Let's keep in touch